Median Group


Baeo Maltinsky has worked as an analyst for the biotech start-up EnChroma and in education and outreach for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. He has also done research on biophysically inspired clustering techniques at the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience and conducted field work and analysis in marine animal communication. He holds a BA in Mathematics from UC Berkeley.

Ben Hoffman has worked as a researcher for GiveWell and the Open Philanthropy Project, and worked in financial services managing a risk analytics team. He holds an MS in Mathematics and Statistics from Georgetown University, and a BA from St John’s College.

Bryce Hidysmith was previously a designer and strategist for the hedge fund Numerai, and writes essays at

Colleen McKenzie has worked as a product manager and software engineer at Google, and has also consulted as a product strategist and an IT operations specialist. She holds a BA in Computer Science and Neuroscience from Columbia University.

Jack Gallagher has worked as a researcher in type theory and decision theory at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

Jessica Taylor has worked as a mathematical researcher at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. She holds a MS in Computer Science from Stanford University, and blogs at

Patrick Mellor previously taught philosophy at San Francisco State University, while researching the evolutionary development of episodic memory and temporal perception. He has also performed research in biogeography and vertebrate phylogeny at the University of Oxford, and field work on the auditory communication of herring in San Francisco Bay. He holds a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MA in Philosophy from SFSU.